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The area

Region Auvergne - Il fut un tempsCome and visit a beautiful area still unknown where nature is preserved, a region with several historical monuments and villages but also a dazzling sports field …

Nature :

Welcome to the heart of the Monts du Forez region at the end of the Rhone-Alpes Region, the gates of Auvergne, in the heart of the triangle Roanne, Clermont-Ferrand, St Etienne, near Vichy and Thiers.

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This hilly region offers beautiful scenery ans is a part of France little visited, so it is ideal for all those fleeing too touristy places.

Forez is also a food & wine area, with famous cheese such as “the Fourme Montbrison” and wine like “Cotes du Forez” or “Cotes Roannaises”.
The Loire river, backbone of the council goes through the Forez plain from south to north. The river offers a wide range of exceptional natural environments: canyons, gravel, alluvial forests, Uygur, floodplains, which provide refuge for rare species. The River played until the mid-nineteenth century an important economic role in ensuring the transport of coal to St Etienne, Orléans and Nantes using flat-bottomed boats. Since the mid-nineteenth century, the Loire supplies an extensive irrigation system in the plain, provided by “the Forez canal”.


History :

During the French Revolution, the Forez (eastern slope) was provisionally included in a short-lived Department of Rhône-et-Loire, which was soon to burst into two west, the department of the Loire (Forez, Part of Beaujolais and the Monts du Lyonnais) and the department of the Rhone.

Leading figures of the period: Joannes Cato, Jules Garnier.

 Forez, cradle of the French railways.

Forez was the first French region equipped with railways. The first one, in 1827, Saint-Etienne to Andrézieux (up on the Loire River), where Etienne coal brought by rail was then transhipped in rudimentary boats designed for a single journey, “rambertes” or “salambardes.”
In 1830, the Seguin brothers opened a second line from Saint-Etienne to Lyon through the valley of the Gier.
And in 1833, the first Saint Etienne Andrézieux line was extended to Roanne, crossing the plain of Forez from south to north and crossing the threshold of Neulise. The route of the old line is still visible between Balbigny and Roanne, this part of the route was abandoned and moved at the opening of the line from Nevers to Lyon in Saint-Germain-des-Fosses and Roanne in 1858.

Honore d'Urfe

Forez famous people.

  • - Father Cotton (1564-1626), a Jesuit confessor of Henri IV and Louis XIII, born in Néronde.
  • - Honoré d’Urfé (1568-1625), author of Astrée, the first major international novel (published in 1607)
  • - Père Lachaise (1624-1709), confessor of Louis XIV. He gave Paris a land belonging on which will be built in the early nineteenth century the famous Parisian cemetery that bears his name. Pere Lachaise was born in Chateau d’Aix, not far from Saint Marcel d’Urfé.
  • - The Abbot Terray (1715-1778), Finance Controller of Louis XV. Born in Boen-sur-Lignon. He will build the Château de la Motte-Tilly, near Nogent-sur-Seine in the Aube.
  • - Aime Jacquet (born 1941), coach of the French football team world champion in 1998.

Sports :

Many of our customers come to stay a fortnight and do not use their because trekking around the house is varied and amazing.
More than 1000km of trails for hiking, more than 1000 km of  trails for mountain biking, open to quads, motorcycles, horses etc…
Discover a region where you will feel 100% free in the respect of others and the surrounding nature …

Sport Your activities during your stay at Il fut un temps…