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Cultural Activities

Welcome to a region where discoveries are made at every crossroads …

    • Histoire du Forez The area and its history

      Welcome to the Haut Forez also called Pays d’Urfe in memory of one of its large families.
      Honoré d’Urfé is the best known for its members, it is the author of “L’Astrée” first modern novel, written in 1610 and known throughout Europe.

      The Pays d’Urfe located inbetween Forez, Roanne and Auvergne is a region full of history to visit or revisit: The historic villages Cervieres or St Germain Laval, La Bastie d’Urfe, the Château des Cornes d’Urfe, the Volcans d’Auvergne or the first “Chateau de la Loire” are among the countless witnesses to its rich past.

    • Gastronomie d'Auvergne et Rhone-Alpes The Region and its gastronomy


      Our beautiful region is also an important gastronomic region with great restaurants such as:


      • **** Restaurant Troisgros – Roanne
      • *** Restaurant Alain Artaud – Le Coteau
      • ** Restaurant Le Bel’Vue – Le Cergne
      • ** Restaurant Le Marcassin – Riorges
      • Restaurant le Petit Prince – St Alban les Eaux
      • Restaurant Ma Chaumière – Le Coteau
      • Restaurant le Prieuré – Ambierle
      • Auberge du Bon Accueil – Saint Haon le Vieux
      • Restaurant Philippe Degoulange – Montagny
      • Le Moulin de Rongefer – Saint Nizier sous Charlieu
      • Restaurant de la Loire – Pouilly sous Charlieu
      • Restaurant l’Astrée – Roanne
      • Restaurant Château de Champlong – Villerest
      • Auberge Costelloise – Le Coteau
      • Restaurant La poularde – Montrond les bains


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      The region is also a famous food and wine region with local Côtes du Forez A.O.C , Côte Roannaise A.O.C that go so well with numerous local cheeses : Brique du Forez, Fourme de Montbrison  …

    • Musees d'Auvergne et Rhone-alpes The Region and its museum


      Here are museums to visit in the region


      • Musée Alice Taverne – 42 Ambierle
        A collection of daily life objects from 1840 to 1950 in Roanne
        more info
      • Vulcania - 63 Saint-Ours-les-Roches
        Fun and interactive scientific park on Auvergne volcanoes
        more info
      • Musée d’Art moderne- 42 St Priest en Jarez
        The Museum holds a major collection of XIX, XX and XXI century
        more info
      • Musée de la Mine du Puit Couriot- 42 St Etienne
        The visit takes place following the minor’s route
        more info
      • Musée de la vigne- 42 Boen sur Lignon
        A museum dedicated to the vine and wine in Cotes du Forez
        more info
      • Musée de la Coutellerie – 63 Thiers
        Cutlery was born in Thiers, nearly seven centuries ago
        more info
      • Musée du Chapeau- 42 Chazelles sur Lyon
        The surprising transformation of rabbit fur into luxury felt hat
        more info
      • Musée de la pétanque- 42 St Bonnet le Château
        International capital of petanque ball
        more info
      • Les Portes de l’imaginaire – 42 Saint-Didier-sur-Rochefort
        Recreational and Cultural Park focused on the imaginary through stories and legends of our campaigns
        more info


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